Satellite Imagery
DEM/ DTM and 5G Data

DEM DTM Three-dimensional viewing can provide in depth details that would not be apparent from a 2D map

3D is not only for viewing purposes but can be useful for many professional analysis and applications like watershed management, landslide hazard zonation, urban planning, and management.

NEOGEOINFO has an experienced team for generating 3D models using stereo images. We also offer services of generating DEM from stereo imagery, ortho-rectification of images, 3D digitization, and capturing contours at different intervals.

NeoGeo uses topographic maps and creates Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Digital Elevation Models (DEM), and Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) for different domestic and international clients.


5G Revolution

As the geospatial data needs to move from accurate to very accurate data for 5G networks, NeoGeo is gearing up to producing best in class data sets using the latest data acquisition techniques and to model the data to provide the following services.


3D vectors for buildings and vegetation, and 4D vectors for bridges. The building vectors capture multi-tiered buildings, incl. superstructures.


To determine obstacle heights of buildings and vegetation.


Geo-Referenced raster data that represent multiple elements—like vegetation, roads, buildings.


Accurate and High-Resolution true Ortho (Nadir/ Near Nadir) geodata without parallax or occlusion.


High Resolution DTM/ DSM, devoid of vegetation and man-made structures.