Property TAX Management System

Government of Uttar Pradesh

NeoGeo is a Domain Expert on Designing and Executing Property Tax Survey and Revenue Optimization Solutions for Urban Local Bodies (ULBs).

NeoGeo has unparalleled experience and expertise in the domain of Public Administration Services and Local Body Governance. One such area is “Geocoding The Properties and Integration of Services for Providing Digital Door Numbers, Property Tax Collection and Revenue Optimization”.

NeoGeoInfo has built a unique project methodology, built the tools for data collection and processing, a web and mobile platform that brings transparency to assessment, demand and collection – with comprehensive data visualization to provide analytical reports for Municipal Administrations.

Accordingly, NeoGeo has developed “Geo-enabled Property Taxes in a Box”/ “as-a-service” offering that standardizes the implementation of the solution, which is world class. It can track and audit Revenue Realization as well as Leakages. The model is scalable and portable to even the remotest corners of the country – to provide a seamless experience and a successful project for the ULB.

Property Taxation Management System(PTMS) is an Integrated, Intuitive, Easy to Deploy Solution for tax tracking, administration and demand generation. In the project for Prayagraj, Ghaziabad and Lucknow Municipal Corporations, NeoGeo is engaged in Enhancement and/or Creation of GIS Base Map for all the cities, Tab based Survey of Properties (Ward Wise & Category Wise) to create the GIS based Property Information System for Municipal Corporations/ Towns for over 15 lakh properties.

The Property dB also integrates with Water and Sewerage Tax systems and facilities for online tax deposition.