National Informatics Centre

Government of India

NeoGeoInfo has done this project for the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology.

Procurement/Processing of satellite data for up-scaling of multi-layer GIS Framework-req and Technical Support Services for creation of spatial Database.

Scope of Work

  • Ortho – rectification (Cartosat1)
  • Geo-referencing (Cartosat1
  • Mosaicing (Cartosat 1)
  • Co-registration & Mosaicking (LISS IV)
  • Pan Sharpening
  • Features Extraction work for Road Network, Rail Network, Settlement ,River, Canal(Line/Poly) and water bodies
  • Thematic Layer extraction Land use/ Land Cover, Agriculture (Crop/Fallow land), Wasteland, grass/grazing land, NVDI, Geology (Faults/folds/lineaments/structure) Geomorphology etc.
  • Scanning
  • Digitization of features present on the map with all possible attribution.
  • Digitization of OFC Network & Point Locations present on the map with all possible attribution.