Nashik Municipal Corporation

Government of Maharashtra

NeoGeoInfo has done this project for Nashik Municipal Corporation.

Type of service

Survey of Properties for Assessment of Property Tax and All Related Activities for Nashik Municipal Corporation.

Scope of Work

  • Collection of all available data including list of wards, list of properties in each ward/sectors and property codes etc.
  • Ground marking/on-site validation of ward boundaries and major and minor streets, in consultation with NMC Officials.
  • Procurement and Updating of Base map showing ward boundaries and major and minor streets, properties and re-producing them in GIS format.
  • Developing an Unique Identification Number system for each property, in consultation with NMC officials.
  • Acquisition of information of the Municipal functions and water and sewerage charges, property taxation types, identification of defaulters, streamlining of process, norms and parameters, technical, financial and managerial information requisites, existing database systems, etc.
  • Design of questionnaire and data/database formats in consultation with NMC officials.

Field survey

  • Conducting Door to Door Survey and collect and enter the information in the Mobile App.
  • DGPS Survey for GCP collection & Geo Referencing.
  • Digitization and Map Preparation for geogrophical data and spatial analysis.
  • Ward wise Survey and Updation of Base Map of Building Foot Prints slum data, infrastructural data and zoning data using imageries.
  • Final Base Map preparation incorporating the data collected from survey and the data for different entities.
  • Collection, Data Entry and Compilation of Data as per Database Structure.
  • Integration of Database with Base Map and its Updation.
  • Digital Photograph of each Property Linked with Base Map.
  • Training & Rollout.
  • Post Implementation Support

Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has appointed, Geoinfosys Technologies, for Survey of Properties for Assessment of Property Tax and All Related Activities.