Mission Bhagiratha

Government of Telangana

NeoGeoInfo designed and developed an Intelligent Water System using cutting edge Geospatial and Web Technologies for the most prestigious Mission Bhagiratha Project at Telangana State.

The project focuses on developing a Robust Digital Solution that Optimizes Asset Management with Spatial Data, Promotes Operational Intelligence and Formulates a Sustainable Future.


The solution replicates the entire Bhagiratha network with spatially accurate data. It has the tools to model the network as they really are on the ground. The underlying platform ArcGIS Server with ArcGIS JS API 4.x offers connectivity modeling of assets supporting best practices and industry standards.


Visualization plays a strong role in effectively managing assets. The spatial analysis tools of solution sharpen the department’s understanding of “where the network is most at risk” and supports the decision making, on ground operations.

The solution developed as Progressive Web Application (PWA) with survey capabilities to be available online and offline is scalable, mobile and interoperable. It brings the Bhagiratha network with required functionality to any device, anytime, anywhere for complete operational awareness. Advanced data collection tools for the field improve asset inspections, sharing of immediate state of assets with stakeholders across the organization and drives action based on data.

The solution has modules that involve complex modeling – Breakdown Management System (BMS), Daily Supply Monitoring from the Application, integrating with other networks like Fiber Grid Network (tFiber), integration of Map Services (WMS & WFS services for external department integration) and Proximity Buffer Analysis and Neighborhood analysis to name a few.


Reliable Information is essential to building a sustainable future—information that includes authoritative data, a real-world network model, and real-time updates about system changes. Understanding this information and planning for the future require collaboration across departments. The solution supports all planning and engineering by delivering information, analytics, and engagement solutions that allow Mission Bhagiratha team to achieve the goals.

NeoGeo also supports the whole solution that scales for more than 200+ current users