Everything Starts with Quality Data

NeoGeoInfo’s capabilities in the latest data acquisition techniques (using Mobile/ Aerial LiDAR, GPR, CORS, and GNSS) are unparalleled and the experience across Various Urban Applications, Transportation, Cross country Infrastructure, Power Transmission, Utilities and Governance Sectors keeps us ahead of the curve on project execution.

  • We invest in & deploy the latest and most advanced/ suitable sensor, platform and satellite technologies in the market, to acquire geospatial data.

  • NeoGeoInfo has the best in class surveying and data acquisition manpower and equipment. Our real world experience in various sectors and parts of the country makes NeoGeoInfo us the preferred choice.

  • In addition, NeoGeoInfo offers full range digitalized map (GIS data) creation using high-resolution satellite imagery through attribute data mining and image processing.

  • NeoGeoInfo is proficient “Positioning as a Service” Solutions, like CORS/ GNSS/ Catalyst Integration