Hyderabad CCTV Surveillance and
Integrated Traffic Management System

Government of Telangana

NeoGeoInfo has done this project for Hyderabad Traffic Police & Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) under contract Larsen & Toubro Limited, Construction for Hyderabad CCTV Surveillance and Integrated Traffic Management System (HCSITMS) Project.

Type of service

High Resolution GIS data creation for over 3000 junctions across the Hyderabad and Cyberabad cities for pre-project planning, designing of camera locations, construction work

Development of a web based application that integrates the GIS data with multiple other systems for better detection and response to incidents

Scope of Work

  • Creation of a GIS data from High Resolution Satellite Imageryusing geo-referenced control points and Differential GPS (DGPS) survey, updated by ground truth-ing (validation)
  • 3D (DEM) and 2D Map Creation with Street View and capturing all assets
  • Conducting Mobile Lidar Survey at all junctions for a 250mx250m grid with 50m inner grid to produce Junction Drawings capturing allfeatures, assets, streets with traffic flow direction, along with all dimensions (height, width, breadth) within +/- 20mm accuracy
  • Plotting of the HCSITMS devices with camera FoV& Azimuth on Topography Drawings
  • Conducting 2 meter Underground Utility Survey for camera pole, gantry erection point/location and cable route at each junction – for two routes (shortest & optimal) with no damage to the existing utilities
  • Providing Utility/ GPR survey testing report and recommendation in required format
  • Creation of As Built Drawings to indicate the construction activity and all assets installed for maintenance work
  • GIS Map Updationat a frequency of 6 months and support-Services to integrate this Geospatial data in viewing software
  • Development of web based application for integrating all other (over 27 different) systems involved in detection, responding to incidents.
  • Implementation conforming to the typical stages of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) including the following:
    • Requirement Analysis
    • System Design
    • Application Coding
    • Testing
    • Acceptance
    • Deployment

Project Background​

Today, cities face a wide range of threats, and to reduce the impact of these threats, it is critical for the authorities to capture real-time information on what is happening in and around the city. Therefore, there is a growing requirement for utilizing the new and emerging technologies to make our cities safer. Given this background, one of the most user-friendly technologies that can play a crucial role is the extensive use of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, which play a vital part in ensuring day-to-day surveillance, crime prevention and monitoring of illegal or suspicious activities.

The government and legal authorities are encouraging both public entities/groups and individuals to adopt such progressive technologies, mapping each and every nook and corner of a city to plot the assets and to add intelligence to these assets to help taking decisions.

An integrated surveillance system provides a safe and secure environment for the development and growth of the cities. There is a growing recognition of the interconnectedness and the interaction between factors that spark and drive crises and the ecosystem of security management that handles these factors. See the work flow attached.

Accurate and High resolution spatial data play a huge role in budgeting, planning, designing and finally in constructing the integrated solution. The latest technologies like LiDAR and GPR surveys, availability of High Resolution Satellite Images & processing techniques gives the right kind of details at a resolution that these projects demand.

Geoinfosys has the required expertise and experience in providing geospatial services that include conducting LiDAR surveys processing the LiDAR data, Satellite image processing, GPR survey and utility detection to provide the accurate GIS data at the detail needed. The team also has expertise to plot the Camera FoVs and Azimuth so that the camera pole locations can be fixed appropriately.

Handling complex set of activities in a high traffic zones within the timelines​

  1. Hyderabad is fairly a traffic heavy city and has other nuances like different soil conditions, utility congestion.
  2. Additionally the project has numerous interrelated and interconnected tasks(DGPS survey, LiDAR survey, HnF survey and Utility Survey), but performed by different teams.
  3. We are working with Leading-edge or rapidly changing technologies.
  4. Project implementation activities spread across 3000+ locations(albeit in a single city)
  5. There is uncertainty because of the nonlinear activity spread bringing in risk.

Working in these constraints requires meticulous planning and good project management. The delivery time pressures are just an added risk.

The four important things that worked in our favor

  1. Meticulous Planning– the lowest common denominator being each junction, we planned everything at the junction level.
  2. Solid Communication Channels– established communication protocols and standards so that there is a lot of transparency and update almost “On Demand”.
  3. Training & Empowerment– engaged each team on extensive training and then empowered to take decisions on the spot to move ahead quickly (only exceptions are escalated).
  4. Quality Focus– being first time right (NO Rework) saves a lot of time & hence each sub unit is asked to focus on quality of the deliverable (than on quantity).

Geoinfosys’ team had well trained managers who can manage huge projects with complex set of deliverables. The team rose up to the challenge and delivered the project within the timelines committed.