GeoSmart India has retained its position as the most prestigious geospatial event for the country. As India progressed into the digital era, GeoSmart India became a platform to showcase the geospatial underpinnings of a digitally transformed nation that positively impacted the way Indians conducted business, governed themselves and lived lives.

GeoSmart India as the Meeting Place

Geospatial Media has built up its reputation as a think tank among the Indian Geospatial ecosystem with long-standing relationships with top government and business officials. GeoSmart India 2021 shall be a platform for high-level policy discussions with major stakeholders to ensure the inclusion of Geospatial elements in the latest policy reforms.

It also envisions to be the meeting place for global businesses to understand the ease of doing business in India by engaging with relevant authorities and potential business partners across sectors, including Space, Water, Land, Climate, Defence, and Business Intelligence.