Fiber Grid

State of the Art Network Infrastructure

Know the Fiber Landscape

Fiber Grid projects are envisioned to establish a state of the art network infrastructure to facilitate the realization of ‘Digital India’ 

NeoGeo will digitize all records of fiber route information into GIS, in a customer specified data schema, accuracy level and format. Based on the need, NeoGeo deploys LiDAR, 360° Video, Positioning as a Service tool to acquire the accurate data.

The team at NeoGeo is not only well versed with latest GIS technology and tools but also have a deeper domain knowledge of the OFC networks and the design considerations – to deliver the best dataset for a given purpose.

The unparalleled and well-modeled databases including fiber network, asset information, as-built drawings provide the Telecom companies with actionable insight necessary to make intelligent decisions during design, commissioning and during operations & maintenance time.

Web and Mobile applications developed by NeoGeo enable the users to view the data together to make sense of the multiple sources (Video, LiDAR, Satellite Images, Google Maps etc) in an integrated manner.